Monday, January 9, 2017

Some photos of crochet work done by me in recent years. SG

As part of my 'I want to stay sane' project, I crochet.  The finished products go to friends, children of friends and, of course, my sons, H and W.

Hello all, these are some pictures of some of the things I made during my years in prison. There are many other items not represented here as we do not have photos of just the items without someone in the picture, and I will never post a photo of an individual on any site. 

Should you have received something that is not represented here, please feel free to submit photos of your items, just make sure no one is in the photo, and we will post them here. 

I owe a great deal of thanks to the men who taught me, as there is no formal training and it is passed down from one man with too much time on his hands to the next. We all share the intention of trying to give something back to those who support us, and nothing heartens us more than to hear that the things we made were/are appreciated. 

After all the children in my life became too old to enjoy stuffed animals and no more babies arrived that might need blankets, I ceased crocheting and spent my creative energies on drawing. Unfortunately, I can not post my drawings as they are primarily reproductions of pictures of people, specifically my sons, and as I mentioned I won't post pictures of individuals.

  • Thank you for your compliments and love. My very best to all, SG 1-10-17

Trucks, cars and planes.







Monogrammed brown bears,

Monogrammed polar bears


Blanket and cosy

A chill snowperson

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  1. Nice work dude!!! You've picked up some fancy skills there!!����