Steven Neal Greenoe was born in New Orleans in 1973, thus precipitating a life long love of Jazz and good food.

Upon relocating with his family to North Carolina, he became highly active in scouting and school athletics.

After graduating from high school, he volunteered for the United States Marine Corps, serving the 1st Marine Division Camp Pendleton, California.

Honorably discharged, he then attended North Carolina State University studying History and Political Science.  Afterwards, accepting a commission and a return to government employ, he became an intelligence officer and served with some of the world's most elite Special Forces, including the French Foreign Legion Paratroopers.

His covert career in Eastern Europe and the Middle East grew an overt career guarding some of the works most high profile VIP's before focusing on private equity for strategic international development reaching the highest levels of governments and the world's business elite.

In 2010, he was made politically expendable to a foreign investigation by his own government in order to conceal their culpability in ordering his "criminal" actions.

He resided in federal custody, including over a year in solitary confinement while on "pre-trial" status, on order of the Department of Justice in order to silence and break him, while awaiting his time in court.

Steven was served a 10-year prison sentence in early 2012, went back to court on actual innocence in 2015 (one of few men from his prison to ever do so), and was released in December of 2018. 

Thanks to the unwavering support of his community, family, and friends, his campaign for truth continues to this day. 

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  1. Is there any new news about SG?? I would love to know that he will be released sooner than later. He is a great guy and I would love to communicate wth him. I just found where I can send him mail, thanks for providing that. If you happen to visit him, send him my love!
    Michael Allen