Steven is attempting to recreate his life through photos that have been lost to him. If you have photo(s) that you would like to share publicly or privately please email

Steven is particularly interested in photos that were taken by others that show him at work or in uniform. These photos could be critical to his defense.

We are happy to accept photos with faces of others redacted as well as photos submitted anonymously. No photos submitted to this site will be published unless the submitter specifically indicates that they may be shared publicly.

Thank you.




  1. Wow. This is definitely different looking SG than the one I spent some time with in Manchester.
    He's great guy and I hope he is soon freed.
    I will be in touch with him soon.

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  2. Steve was and is a good guy I met him in Fed prison Manchester and he should be free the "facts" of his case are lies and the officer who supposedly brought down this ring was found to be a liar and a fraud and is now serving time in federal prison himself good luck Steve I hope you get out soon man

  3. Steve Greeno is a great guy I met him at federal prison camp Manchester he deserves to be free he served his country with honor and the lies that were constructed to incarcerate him are nothing short of fiction you're a good man Greeno thanks for all you did for me