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proud father.   loving son.  trusted friend.   enemy of the state.   friend of the people.   lègionnaire.  marine.    author.  peripatetic soul.


steven n. greenoe

The purpose of this website is to provide a repaired narrative to that of the prosecution in the 2010 case U.S. v. Greenoe. This narrative was provided by the defense and substantiated with evidence in court, both at his sentencing in 2012 and when Mr. Greenoe returned to court in 2015 under actual innocence. Mr. Greenoe hopes to, via this website, communicate the events which transpired from the date of his arrest in July 2010 through to present day. 

Please direct all information requests, media enquiries, personal messages, and other communications to

Please note: this website is not maintained by Mr. Greenoe personally. Its content and updates are performed by his supporters. Communiques for Mr. Greenoe will be forwarded promptly and appropriately.

Without focus, there is no  power. 
- Buddha

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