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Thank you for visiting the official website of Steven Neal Greenoe. This site is presented and maintained in an effort to offer a repaired narrative to that provided by federal prosecutors in U.S. v Greenoe. This site was created following his arrest in 2010 in order to inform the public conversation regarding his case. The media never interviewed Mr. Greenoe or his counsel at any stage of their reporting on his case, nor have they ever reported on any evidence of his defense.

A myriad of factors have prevented Mr. Greenoe's defense from being publicly presented, including sealed and classified documents that, had they been published here or anywhere, would have garnered more criminal charges for Mr. Greenoe.

Upon his arrest, not only was he prevented from settling financial obligations in the U.K. under threat of incurring money laundering charges, Mr. Greenoe was also prevented from communicating with any outside parties, including his attorney, then-wife (whose name shall remain confidential to protect her anonymity), and chain of command, for two weeks following his arrest. The flow of information outward from Mr. Greenoe and his team was slim while the U.S. government's prosecution team made statement after statement. Additionally, matters regarding ongoing legal proceedings were and are illegal to comment on outside of the courtroom. 

When some of these legal actions drew to a close in 2016, Mr. Greenoe was able to write a series of installments on some of what occurred from the time of his arrest until the time of his sentencing, a period of roughly nineteen months. These, as well as future additions to the series, can be found in the "Journal" portion of this website.

Further writings by Mr. Greenoe on his experiences to date were, at the time, deemed inadvisable for publication for fear of reprisal from the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Justice.

All legal actions are at a conclusion, but Mr. Greenoe is still at the mercy of the United States government. He will be making available on this website his unclassified legal documentation as well as his writings on his case and experiences, including when he went back to court on actual innocence in 2015, as soon as he is able.

For any further enquiries, please write to: Thank you.

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Steven Neal Greenoe was born in New Orleans in 1973, thus precipitating a life-long love of jazz and good food.  Upon relocating with his family to North Carolina around 1983, he became highly active in scouting and school athletics.

After graduating from high school, he volunteered for the United States Marine Corps at 17 years old, serving the 1st Marine Division in Camp Pendleton, California.

Honorably discharged following an injury, he then attended North Carolina State University, studying History and Political Science. Afterwards, he accepted a commission and returned to government employ. Steven became an intelligence officer and served with some of the world's most elite Special Forces, including the 2eme REP of the French Foreign Legion.

His covert career in Eastern Europe and the Middle East grew an overt career guarding some of the world's most high profile VIP's, such as Matt Damon and Madonna, before focusing on private equity for strategic international development. He reached the highest levels of governments and worked for the global business elite.

In 2010, Steven Greenoe was made politically expendable to a foreign investigation by his own government in order to conceal their culpability in ordering his "criminal" actions.

Remanded to federal custody, he then spent over 500 days in solitary confinement in total. 366 of those days were continuous in a 6'x6'x8' windowless cell fed only Nutriloaf. By the time of Mr. Greenoe's sentencing, he had lost a third of his body weight. All this while on "pre-trial" status, having never been given bond or the opportunity to play any role in his defense. 

After 18 months had passed since his arrest, Mr. Greenoe was allowed to see his assigned judge and present his defense whilst being sentenced, as he had pled guilty after begin subjected to conditions the United Nations has defined as torture. Sentenced to 10 years, Mr. Greenoe was placed in maximum security until he agreed to not give interviews, at which point he was transferred to minimum security, where he finished his sentence.

Steven was incarcerated for 18 months, including over 12 months in solitary confinement, before being able to see his assigned judge and present his defense.  Said judge was outed by Edward Snowden in 2013 as head of the secret FISA court, and it was this judge who had signed the 2004 order allowing the NSA to spy on all Americans all the time. This judge, once outed, would recuse himself, and in 2015, Mr. Greenoe returned to a different judge under an "Actual Innocence" claim (a very rare hearing). Even though the process did not lead to early release, Mr. Greenoe was able to enter previously withheld exculpatory information into evidence, including his pay records from U.S. intelligence agencies, thus immortalizing it in the official court records. If and when these records become declassified, we will post them here.

Steven was released approximately 6 months early in December of 2018 with a perfect disciplinary record. He is since proud to have been able to re-build important relationships as well as create new ones, care for his elderly mother and grandmother, and to continue to build a respected residential contracting firm in Raleigh, N.C.: Greenoe Enterprises.

Mr. Greenoe looks forward to continuing to put the aforementioned uncharacteristic period of his life into proper context as the aberration it was by living as he always has: in a positive and respected way. He is eternally grateful to those who supported him during his incarceration.

Steven sends his love across the ocean to his adored sons, and thanks to all who have taken time to read this. 

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