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Post-Sentencing Message from Steven.

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

I deeply regret any negative impact from my or my organization's actions. I pled guilty to licensing charges only. The prosecution's narrative is untrue.

Jolie Rouge Group provided maritime security services on behalf of the United States government from abroad. This is public record now from the release of documents from my litigation. I invite the press or citizenry to review submissions to the court.

My actions in exporting firearms were never to endanger anyone but to protect the innocent from violence. I've dedicated my life to protecting people, and was horrified to be told by investigators that firearms had been misappropriated and entered the country.

I waived all my rights, cooperating fully with the investigation from the first moment. Why didn't the Department of Justice let me wear a wire to get my chain of command on tape? Or, if they believed their narrative, set up a "buy?"

I am sure the British public joins me in regretting this effective ending of the investigation and ignoring of the threat to the public in favor of unsubstantiated criminal conspiracy narratives.

Steven N. Greenoe

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